P.R.O.F.I.T. Series - #3

P.R.O.F.I.T. Series - Plan Remodel Outcomes From Investment Together

Welcome to our first ever educational series! We will be sharing insight into obtaining a positive return on investment when remodeling your home, and we have a real life example to demonstrate our points as we move through this 4-part series. We also want to focus on weaving your own tastes and style into achieving that return on investment, allowing you to both love the space and profit from it should you need to sell. Today’s segment discusses completing your remodeling projects “DIY” vs. with a professional.

We will be moving through each segment in a Question and Answer format. First Question…

  • Why can’t I just DIY my remodel projects? Won’t I save money doing everything myself?

    • It may seem like a good idea to just tackle remodeling projects on your own. With all of the books, tv shows, and YouTube videos out there showing how to complete everything from building a cabinet to refinishing a floor, it appears from the outset that the resources are there to allow you to DIY. However, what those materials are not showing you is what happens when something goes wrong. Or how long those projects can take when trying to fit them in on the weekends or evenings after work. A huge unknown with DIY is what you will do if the project doesn’t go as planned. If the paint doesn’t go on smoothly, if the cabinet stain starts to chip, or if the flooring starts to peel up. There is no one accountable but yourself, and you are stuck pouring more money into fixing those issues. Working with a professional - particularly a reputable, proven one - provides assurance that you have someone who is committed to getting it right the first time, but will also be available to answer any questions or concerns that might come up. Why not trust that the remodel will be done right the first time, and take the stress of your plate?

  • Can’t I figure out what the trends are by looking on Pinterest or in magazines?

    • This is another example of the information being out there, but that is not necessarily a good thing. Trends are ever-changing, and one site might say this color is “trending” while another magazine says the opposite. It is an immense amount of information to sift through, and what is popular in one part of the country might not be resonating with homebuyers in the area where your home is located. Ensuring that your home is updated properly, in a way that both appeals to you and the market, is a key component of achieving that positive return on investment. Another thing to consider about doing it yourself based on what you see as “trending” is the time it will take for you to tackle the project on your own. By the time you are able to fit in all of the pieces to your remodel, chances are a trend may have already changed and you are stuck with a decision that made sense when you started, but is no longer the best option. Trusting a professional who is up-to-date both on general trends and the local market is key to positive ROI. A reputable remodeling professional will also get the project done efficiently, allowing you to enjoy the space as quickly as possible and maintain a style that is both current and lasting.

  • How can I trust that the remodeling company I choose knows their stuff?

    • When it comes to our business philosophy, we believe there is power in numbers and community. We partner with Real Estate Professionals, Bankers, and Designers to ensure that we have a pulse on the current home buying and selling climate, and pass that knowledge right on to our customers and their projects. We are constantly evolving and changing due to what we see in the market and will always bring every piece of knowledge with us to your project. We believe in finding creative solutions to accommodate any space or budget to bring remodeling dreams to life!

STAY TUNED for the final installment in our series….where we will reveal our real life example of a positive remodel ROI from The Home Authority!